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Shocking Facts About Beef Steak You Know before Ordering.

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Shocking Facts About Beef Steak You Know before Ordering.

   Blog   December 7, 2019  No Comments

1.Steak actually means a lot

The word ‘steak’ is believed to have come from an old Norse word steik. Which meant Meat on a stick. Maybe influenced by how meat was cooked in that period of time.

2. Cow diet contributes a lot.

What is been feed to the cow will differ in meat quality. In the market you can see grass-fed which the meat is leaner; gain-fed providing richer marbling of fat and more flavourful and milk-fed the tender “supreme” in this category.


3.  Only 40% of the overall cow is edible steak.

If an average cattle weights 1000 pounds you would imagine the number of steak cuts you get from the cattle. But the truth is, which it always hurts is you are only getting 44% edible meat.

4. Rump is underrated

Rump cuts are seldom ordered in most steak houses, restaurants and etc; compare to other cuts. But the fact is if you love an extremely flavorful cut and without burning a hole in your pocket this is the cut to go. In terms of, price and flavor we have a winner compare to a filet mignon.

5. White Raw cuts are way expensive than Red Raw Cuts.

We believe our steak lover fans have heard of the Kobe beef right? No?
Here are some facts about Kobe beef. Kobe beef also known as a brand of Wagyu Steak is an extremely demanding Japanese product across the globe. Normally top 5 to 10 most expensive steaks out in the market. These cattle are unique as they contain so much fat content that it’s pale white as its raw.

6. The “blood” coming out is not blood

Many people presume that the red liquid coming out of a steak is blood. But in fact, most of the blood is drained during the slaughter. And would fail inspection before hitting the market. The red liquid is actually myoglobin. Which is protein, that carries oxygen through the muscle and contains a red pigment – which is why muscle tissue is red. Turning grey as it’s cook thought.

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