Get set ready-to-cook meat kits!

Meat essentials from our restaurant kitchen, ready for you to take home and cook. Meat-iculously marinated, individually vacuum-packed with cooking instructions. Available in single meat pack or mixed meats combo pack, along with sauces or house-blend salts. Our bestselling siew yuk is also available as ready-to-roast for you to get the crackling experience at your own convenience. All the prep work is done!

Storing guideline

Our marinated meats can be kept fresh up to 6 months in the freezer until you are ready to cook. If kept in fridge, cook within 3 days. To defrost, remove from freezer into fridge a day before – meat will thaw and ready within 24 hours.

Check before you buy

Roasting our marinated siew yuk requires an oven. You must have an oven capable of at least roasting chicken with temperature settings of 230 Celsius or more. Marinated meats just require a pan and cooking oil to get you started.