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Chinese New Year Specials!

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Chinese New Year Specials!

The advent of Chinese New Year calls for the annual tradition of Chef Yenni Law introducing her version of special dishes to be served to her loyal customers.

A regular offering is the yeesang or “raw fish salad”, known in Meatology as “The Prosperity Toss”. The symbolic ritual of tossing the various ingredients as high as possible to invite wealth and prosperity is made even sweeter with Yenni’s careful selection of premium ingredients such as scallop, abalone, blue fin tuna and jellyfish sashimi.

The Prosperity Toss is available at RM78+ and serves up to 6 persons.

This year’s new offering for Chinese New Year sees the entry of the Smoked Pork Ribs with Pineapple, Rambutan and Sausages. Pork is a meat of choice amongst many Chinese and are certainly not excluded from the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The Smoked Pork Ribs with Pineapple,Rambutan and Sausages is available at RM63+.


Another dish which makes a reappearance this year is the “Lap Cheong” Risotto RM38+. This is a Westernised version of the lap mei fun or Chinese wax meat rice, which is usually made of an assortment of Chinese waxed meats cooked in regular rice. Chef Yenni Law chooses to use Italian Arborio rice and homemade Chinese sausages instead, putting a Western spin on a traditionally Chinese dish.


Noodles are said to symbolise longevity for the Chinese during this festive occasion and Chef Yenni Law chooses to introduce spaghetti for this purpose. The Rock Lobster & Creamy Century Egg Sauce Spaghetti will whet the appetites of lovers of pasta and seafood, and is priced at RM48+.

These Chinese New Year offerings are only available until Saturday, 11th February 2017.


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